Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Customer-Centric, Solution-Focused and Value-Driven Agile Coach | Product Manager with over 19 years of experience across a variety of complex IT-Digital products and projects in a wide range of industries and business environments.

As a Product Manager, Mazdak is expert in discovering market needs and creating products which users love to work with and customers are happy to buy. Mazdak has demonstrated success in defining product vision, managing roadmaps, devising strategies, defining outcomes, analysing and interpreting business needs, requirements and product solutions, and driving change to address business objectives.

As an Agile Coach, Mazdak has proven record in increasing business’s ROI by making customer delightfulness the main focus. Mazdak is Skilled in transforming organizations and evolves individuals mindset to be more Agile. Mazdak has a deep understanding of enterprise problems and goals, analysing needs and solutions, devising strategies, driving change, and facilitating stakeholder collaboration. Mazdak has a proven record in finding the most creative and effective alternative solutions for complex issues both collaboratively and individually.


Advanced Agile Development 1
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Certified ScrumMaster®
Certified Business Analysis Professional
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Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring


Elicitation and Collaboration


Requirements Life Cycle Management


Strategy Analysis


Requirements Analysis and Design Definition


Solution Evaluation

MY Technical Skills

MY Underlying Competencies

Interaction Skills

Facilitation 87%
Leadership and Influencing 81%
Teamwork 88%
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 90%
Teaching 97%

Behavioural Characteristics

Ethics 86%
Personal Accountability 76%
Trustworthiness 85%
Organization and Time Management 83%
Adaptability 87%

Business Knowledge

Business Acumen 95%
Industry Knowledge 95%
Organization Knowledge 94%
Solution Knowledge 95%
Methodology Knowledge 92%

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

Creative Thinking 86%
Decision Making 65%
Learning 82%
Problem Solving 75%
Systems Thinking 80%
Visual Thinking 100%

Communication Skills

Verbal Communication 85%
Non-Verbal Communication 80%
Written Communication 87%
Listening 95%

Professional Value Offered

Collaboratively communicate with and engaged 15 stakeholders in seven separated CFS modules as a green filed project by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships, providing facilitation plan the appropriate stakeholder engagement approach and conducting stakeholder analysis
Mazdak AbtinAgile Business AnalystCareer Fit Suit groupMelbourne - Australia
Continuously determined internally restricted factors for the full realisation of improving, enhancing and optimising each project’s document workflow by assessing limitations and validating solutions, while considering policies and procedures, forms, templates and project authorisation guidelines
Mazdak AbtinProduct Manager | Business Process AnalystSazeh Consultants ConsortiumTehran, Iran
Reduced the cost of VCS product by 20% by collaborating and consulting with 31 internal and external stakeholders including Project Director, Engineering, and Procurement Managers, Management Contractor, Software Development, Delivery Team and Licensor Companies.
Mazdak AbtinProduct Manager | Business Process AnalystSazeh Consultants ConsortiumTehran, Iran
Increased consistency of engineering documents and records from 60-90% by providing a digital solution to integrate and centralise four separate local databases.
Mazdak AbtinProduct Manager | Business Process AnalystSazeh Consultants ConsortiumTehran, Iran
Derived strategic change and promoted innovative thinking to the product team to ensure continuous improvement, meet and ultimately exceed expectation for three integrated document management SaaS based products.
Mazdak AbtinProduct Manager | Business Process AnalystSazeh Consultants ConsortiumTehran, Iran
Successfully transited the organisation to Agile, by leading and coaching Agile adoption projects and contributing to expanding the understanding of agile principles, values and best practices.
Mazdak AbtinProduct Manager | Business Process AnalystSazeh Consultants ConsortiumTehran, Iran
Successfully provided the mitigation strategies to prevent more than 80% of major risks and significantly reduced the impact and likelihood of risk occurring, by assessing and analysing the risks associated with achieving the future state
Mazdak AbtinAgile Business AnalystCareer Fit Suit groupMelbourne-Australia
Successfully managed, developed and delivered 21 small-sized web-based application projects by analysing functional and non-functional requirements, iteration and realise planning; monitoring business analysis and activities and designing, developing and maintaining solutions through all phases of SDLC.
Mazdak Abtin Iteration Manger | Agile Business AnalystFreelance (Contract)Tehran, Iran
Delivered 100% of needed values and aligned all requirements and designs with the business requirements, business goals and objectives of the change by validating the extracted requirements
Mazdak AbtinAgile Business AnalystCareer Fit Suit groupMelbourne - Australia
Proactively proposed six different products to enhance SDLC, internal processes and procedures of the company.
Mazdak AbtinBusiness AnalystFrontierSoftwareAustralia | Melbourne

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