In your Agile journey, we help you to

Let's move from just Doing agile to Being Agile

Mazdak's Lean Agile Maturity Pyramid

The first three dimensional lean Agile maturity assessment for people and organisations

LAS (Lean Agility Spectrum)

Transiting from “Less Agile” to “More Agile”

LAW (Lean Agile Wisdom)

Transforming from “Doing Agile” to “Being Agile”

Evolving Situation

Identifying the level of Agility that is needed

What’s the difference between Doing Agile and Being Agile?

There is an important difference between people who are truly being Agile, and those that are simply practicing Agile techniques. Focusing only on practices or frameworks, without taking the Agile mindset into account, compromises the Agile journey. This is because, without the right mindset, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with complex issues in empirical environments and uncertain situations.

Mazdak's Lean Agile Maturity Pyramid

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